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Current Projects
Growing demand for energy and changes to the electric grid to support renewables requires investments and expansion. These upgrades lay the foundation for reliable, affordable and safe energy accessible to our communities and customers.
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Property owners

Evergy’s real estate team acquires easements necessary for electrical transmission line projects. The team is committed to open, transparent and frequent communications with property owners.

When Evergy rebuilds an existing transmission line or constructs a new transmission line, it may be necessary to acquire easements. An Evergy project representative will contact property owners affected.

The project representative will share information regarding the project. During the acquisition process, the project representative will work with property owners, discuss proposed easement locations, rights, compensation, construction requirements, potential access routes, land restoration and damage settlements. We will work with landowners throughout the siting, design and construction process to minimize impacts to their properties. It is our goal to reach negotiated agreements with all landowners. 
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Evergy is committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable sources of energy today and well into the future. So we’re embracing alternative energy sources to generate more power with less impact to our environment and adopting new technologies that let our customers manage their energy use in ways that work for them.

Delivering power to Evergy’s 1.6 million customers across Kansas and Missouri uses 13,700 miles of transmission lines, 52,200 miles of distribution lines and nearly 900 substations.

Evergy’s transmission system has built out as the communities we serve grew. The communities in our service area continue to grow, which means we need to continue to upgrade our infrastructure to meet their current and future needs. We have also built additional transmission lines into communities because the redundancy helps ensure reliability. The expansion of renewable energy also requires infrastructure upgrades and investment.
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Arkansas City
  • Transmission Line Upgrade: Canal from the intersection of South D St. and East Harrison St. to the intersection of South 5th St. and West 5th Ave.
El Dorado
  • 69 kV Transmission Line Upgrade: Skelly Substation (located at Conner Ave. and Douglas Rd.) to Structure 189 (located nearly half a mile north of Sixth Ave. and Orchard St.)
  • New Switching Station and Transmission Line Upgrades: South of Pittsburg (west of US 69 and East 520th Avenue, across from Southwest Industrial Park); Hudson Substation (located at 1900 South Olive) to the new South Pittsburg Switching Station; Centennial Drive (from the US 69 bypass east to Rouse and north along Rouse to the Hudson Tap, located near the intersection of Rouse and Quincy); and Quincy and Rouse, as well as along East Quincy Street to the Aquarius Tap that feeds the City of Pittsburg Water Treatment Facility
  • 115 kV Transmission Line RebuildSmoky Hill Substation (located at Ninth St. and East Schilling Rd.) to the Southgate Substation (located one-fourth mile east of South Ohio St, and East Wayne Ave.)
Kansas City
Pleasant Hill-Warrensburg
St. Joseph


What can you expect on a general project timeline?

The order of a general project starts with route study and selection and ends with right-of-way restoration

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Clean energy committment

As more renewables come into our energy mix, the way we produce energy – and bring it to our homes and businesses – continues to evolve.
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Environmental responsibility

We work hard to both deliver reliable energy to you and respect the environment. 
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