Fayetteville Transmission Line Upgrades

We’re relocating an existing transmission line along MO Route 13 in part to accommodate the Missouri Department of Transportation’s highway improvements, as well as rebuilding a portion of the line. These transmission line improvements will provide increased safety to Evergy employees when performing line maintenance activities, enhance electric reliability and strengthen the power grid to support current and future needs of your community.

  • Existing wood single pole structures will be replaced with new steel single pole structures
  • New structures will be approximately 20 feet taller on average than existing structures
  • Steel poles are utilized for reliability and resiliency with the harsh weather conditions our communities can face
  • Existing structures that utilize guy-wires for support will be replaced with self-supporting structures

Vegetation clearing is scheduled to begin in November 2024 and be completed in February 2025. Line construction is scheduled to begin in January 2025 and be completed in June 2025. Property restoration will begin after construction is complete and will continue through December 2025. Duration of restoration is weather dependent, but properties will be restored to, near as reasonable, pre-construction condition. An Evergy project representative will communicate with you to discuss damage, if any, caused by construction.

View our infographic with additional details. Or get more information about Evergy’s transmission projects.

This project is a part of Missouri’s initiative to upgrade utility infrastructure. Evergy is investing in infrastructure upgrades to strengthen the regional power grid and enhance reliability for you and the communities we serve in Missouri. Infrastructure upgrades allow us to continue delivering clean, safe, reliable sources of energy for our customers today and well into the future.