Take a look through our contractor safety requirements and code of conduct.

As an Evergy contractor, it's important to familiarize yourself with the contractor safety requirements and Code of Conduct. For more detailed information, visit our contractor pages listed below.

  • What are contractor safety requirements? These are the general safety standards required of Corporate, Generation and Transmission contractors.
  • What is the Code of Conduct? This code is the ethical business requirements we hold ourselves to, and therefore, our contractors as well.

Code of Conduct and Safety Requirement Documentation 

Take a look at our full Code of Ethics and review applicable safety requirements below:

Effective January 2019, Evergy established a business relationship with ISN ( to further enhance our contractor management program. ISNetworld is serving Evergy as our primary contractor information management system. Certain "field service" contractors are required to become subscribers to ISNetworld. 

 The ISN subscription requirements depend on the following three factors:

  1. field service work activities must be at/on any Evergy work sites or locations. This does not include off-site labor or services.
  2. the nature of work,
  3. the risk and exposure. 

Your Evergy business partners will work with you to gain a clear understanding of the nature of your work, exposure and risk in an effort to identify if your company may need to be a subscriber of ISN.