Building strong supplier relationships is important to us.

New to Evergy?

Suppliers that are not yet doing business with us must first register as a bidder on our supplier portal before bidding on a sourcing event. (Internet Explorer 10 and 11 are not supported by our supplier portal. If you have one of these, please use compatibility mode.)

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Already doing business with us?

Creating a supplier user account allows existing suppliers the ability to:

  • View invoice and payment status
  • Create supplier change requests
  • Acknowledge purchase orders
  • View past due purchase orders

View Evergy's Supplier Portal Training Guide.

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Supplier Diversity

When we contribute to the success of diverse suppliers, we start a cycle where the supplier, Evergy and the local economy all benefit. We appreciate the opportunity to share over 100 years of expertise to help make your project a success.
Learn more about who qualifies for the Supplier Diversity Program and how we build relationships with emerging minority and women-owned businesses locally.
For further information on Evergy's Diversity Program, view our Tier 2 Reporting Guide and Small Business Subcontracting Plan template.

Terms and Conditions

View our cybersecurity requirements, or to reference the archive of terms and conditions, please reach out to us at for more information.

Keep in mind that we're in the process of consolidating our supplier registration and management system. We look forward to offering a unified process for all in 2020.