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Panel members are rewarded for taking surveys. Each quarter, 10 winners each receive a $200 Tango gift card. Eight winners are drawn from a pool of people who completed at least one survey that quarter, and two more are drawn from a smaller group of panel members who have completed the majority of all the invitations they received that quarter. View or download complete sweepstakes rules.

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Find results of recent surveys (sharebacks) and a list of sweepstakes winners toward the bottom of the page. If at any time you want to drop out, just “unsubscribe” using the link at the bottom of every survey invitation. Rest assured that Evergy will NEVER sell your data or share it with anyone else. Confidentiality is maintained at all times, and results are NEVER linked back to you. To join our Panel, you'll take a 10-minute qualifying survey. This is mainly demographic questions that we'll keep on file (so we don’t have to ask you every survey!).  Be sure to have your Evergy account number handy. As a reminder, you can view our terms and conditions and privacy policy at any time. 

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Thank you for contributing your thoughts and opinions in our surveys! This panel has been helping to guide Evergy’s efforts since 2016 – and you're a big part of that! Check out results of recent surveys and lists of our recent lucky sweepstakes winners below. If you wish to no longer be a part of our panel, you can always unsubscribe in our emails.

Every quarter, eight winners are randomly drawn from the pool of all panel members who completed at least one survey in the last quarter.

And, each quarter two more winners are randomly drawn from the smaller pool of panel members who completed the majority of the surveys they were invited to in the last quarter.

Eight regular winners:

Having a place to submit feedback and be heard is very rewarding. I am planning to buy Christmas presents in July.” -Aaron F., Shawnee, KS

Not sure how I will use the prize.” -Adrianna W., Parkville, MO

I will use it to pay my Evergy bill!” -Amber W., Kansas City, MO

As a long-time panel member, it has been a great two-way relationship with Evergy. I plan on purchasing some hobby items to share with my grandchildren.” -Daniel W., Overland Park, KS

Funds for saving energy and clean energy investments bridging gap created by Evergy’s withdrawal from said space and spending more on marketing and rate hikes.” -Kent F., Lawrence, KS

I intend to use the prize money to support organizations advocating moving away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible.” -Kevin N., Lawrence, KS

I will buy me a new bed frame, mine had just broken.” -Rita M., Mission, KS

I enjoy helping out with questions that Evergy has for their subscribers. I will use it to buy more supplies for my son’s Boy Scout troop.” -Ryan F., Kansas City, MO

Two high-performance winners:

I enjoy participating in the advisory panel and Evergy’s great customer service. This prize will help with back-to-school purchases for my kids.” -Melissa G., Fort Scott, KS

Gonna spoil my kids.” -Rich G., Platte City, MO

Our most recent survey was about decisions concerning energy-related activities

This gave us some really interesting insights into how Evergy customers make decisions about their energy use. We learned that:

  • Fully 92% of you said they are the one who always reviews or pays the Evergy bill
  • 61% of you said they live with one other adult (who is a spouse or life partner), while 30% said they are the only adult in the household. The other nine percent live with other adults (roommates, parents, adult children)
  • One in five (19%) said they think about their energy usage and way to reduce their bill nearly every day and another 40% of you said they do it frequently
  • Half (52%) said they frequently review the details Evergy provides on their electric bill

When it comes to making energy-related decisions, half of you said they alone are responsible. Another one-third share decision making but take the lead, and 13% said they equally share in energy decisions.

Whether or not you consult on energy decisions depends on 1) adults in the household, 2) decision-making responsibility, 3) housing status, and 4) the importance of the decision. Renters, for instance, are more likely to live alone, so they do not have someone to consult with. And due to rental constraints, they may be less able to make larger energy decisions (replacing the HVAC system, for instance).

This will be helpful in how Evergy communicates with customers about energy decisions, helping to make messages more relevant.

Thank you, Customer Advisory Panel!