Energy Efficiency

We work to keep energy affordable while also being environmentally-friendly.

Energy efficiency helps keep electricity affordable for everyone and benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Investments in energy efficiency are less costly than investments in generating stations, resulting in lower electric rates for our customers. As part of our Comprehensive Energy Plan, we piloted a number of innovative energy efficiency programs, including a free programmable thermostat, energy calculators and rebates for high-efficiency appliances. We’re proud to say we’re the first investor-owned utility in Kansas and Missouri to offer these types of programs.

Since 2005, we’ve saved nearly 200 megawatts through energy efficiency, enough to meet the demand of 38,000 homes. Our efforts have created more than 60 jobs within our region and generated $50 million of economic activity. Several programs encourage energy efficiency where it’s most needed within our service areas.

To meet the need, we can build a power plant. Or, we can utilize energy efficiency, which costs much less. Missouri legislation rewards utilities for programs that successfully encourage energy efficiency, which means we can recover costs faster than usual. We hope to extend more of these programs throughout our Kansas service areas in the future.

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Energy efficiency programs for your home

Utilize energy efficiency programs and resources to save money.

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