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Evergy's Thermostat Program

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Smart thermostats help you save energy and gain control of your thermostat from anywhere

This type of thermostat, once installed, connects to your home WiFi network and enables you to turn your heating or cooling up or down with a smartphone.

Adjusting your thermostat to save energy when you aren’t home can save you up to $145 per year, so it more than pays for itself.

Benefits of thermostat include mobile/app access, programmable, track usage and control from anywhere
Adjust or check-in on your phone Manually adjust from home
Cut energy use with away mode, scheduling or learning options Scheduling or away mode not available
Track your energy use with an app No app integration or usage tracking
Complete control in your hands from anywhere Control from home only

Easy to install, easy to use

A smart thermostat simply replaces your older thermostat. For a person that’s comfortable using a screwdriver and pliers, and with turning your home’s electricity on and off from the main junction box, installation is an easy weekend project.

Popular brands like Nest and ecobee include helpful self-installation tutorials, and they can also integrate with other WiFi devices in your home like Alexa.

Smart thermostats are a no-brainer that can save you hundreds of dollars!