Refrigeration Incentives

Looking for a fresh way to reduce your operating costs? Look in the fridge.

Modern, ENERGY STAR® certified commercial refrigerators and freezers use around 20% less energy than standard models thanks to high-efficiency enhancements like anti-sweat heaters, strip curtains, motion-sensing LEDs and electronically commutated motors. Contact a contractor to see which upgrades make sense for your business, then check our list of standard incentives for a second helping of savings.


In addition to energy savings, high-efficiency refrigeration and freezer equipment offers:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased useful life
  • Options to improve the quality and speed of service
  • Energy-saving enhancements like LEDs, strip curtains and ECMs
  • Improved lighting quality to help move products off the shelf

Other incentives

Additional equipment categories eligible for standard incentives include:

For questions, contact us at or 866-847-5228.


Standard incentives are available for upgrades to the existing facilities of any current commercial customer located in Missouri. Pre-approval is not required unless the expected incentive amount is over $10,000.

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