Get paid for reducing energy load with Business Demand Response Program

Our Business Demand Response program (BDR) rewards commercial customers who reduce their electrical load during high-demand days. This is a great opportunity to use incentive payments to boost your bottom line, achieve sustainability goals and fund other projects or initiatives.

To schedule a facility assessment to determine your demand reduction opportunities and incentive potential, contact your Customer Solutions Manager, email or fill out the form below. You can also call the Demand Response team at 833-303-9173.

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How's it work?

Participants work with us to identify electrical load that can be eliminated or shifted (curtailed) during critical demand periods (typically during extreme temperatures). We'll work with you to determine which strategies fit your unique business needs for a customized curtailment plan.

When critical demand periods occur, we notify you with instructions to execute your plan. At the end of the curtailment season, we pay you for the load you reduced.

When will curtailment events occur?

  • Designated event days: Mon.-Fri., excluding holidays
  • Designated event window: 10 am-8 pm

We'll contact participants at least one hour before an event to increase ability to successfully reduce enrolled load. There will be at least one, but no more than 20 events during the curtailment season. No event will last longer than 10 hours. In 2023, 7 events were called for no longer than 4 hours each. New for 2024, you can select the number of events in which to participate (i.e. 4, 6 or 8 events) and can earn bonus incentives if you are willing to curtail for extended durations (i.e. 7-10 hours).

There are many benefits your business can gain from participation in our Demand Respond Program. A few include:

  • No risk: Under our ‘pay for performance’ model, there are no financial penalties
  • Customized: We offer a curtailment plan specific to your site
  • Support: BDR team available for technical assistance and event success
  • Insight: participation will offer more insight into actual electrical usage
  • Awareness: Your customers and employees will have more awareness into how your business is taking measures to lower impact on the local environment
  • Savings: Use incentives to fund other energy efficiency projects through Evergy’s Business Energy Savings Program

Other customers participate in this program by:

  • Rescheduling shifts to off-peak times
  • Temporarily shutting down equipment, production lines and perform routine maintenance
  • Reducing motor loads in elevators, compressors, conveyers, etc.
  • Dimming lights in non-critical areas
  • Reducing cooling loads with small temperature adjustments
  • Utilizing certified self-generation
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