Nights & Weekends Plan

Three time periods with different prices—overnight and weekend discounts.

This plan is designed for those who can make a larger effort to shift their energy use to overnight hours or weekends to avoid the higher prices during peak times. This means you can save more if you're avoiding peak times.

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This plan offers an off-peak rate most of the day, with a super-low energy price overnight (and a higher price during peak hours). Peak prices occur all year (instead of just the summer months), which also means savings opportunities all year. But there's no peak on the weekends. 

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Avoid peak hours by spreading out energy use on weekdays

Energy use is at its highest between 4-8 pm (peak hours) on the weekdays, which is why timing is everything when it comes to energy costs. Because we're able to match the cost you pay with actual costs to produce energy, you can save the most when you avoid peak times on weekdays (because that's when energy production is at its highest, like a "rush hour").

Helpful saving tips

We want to offer helpful tips and savings information along the way. Here are some smart ways to save on this plan and make sure it fits with your lifestyle!

Laundry: Wash clothes on cold—they get just as clean and save energy. You can also run your dryer later on weekday evenings or anytime on the weekends and holidays to avoid 4-8 pm peak prices. 

Dishwashing: Run full loads and wait until peak hours end on weekdays (or anytime on weekends).

Cooling: Set your thermostat to cool your home a few degrees lower before peak hours begin. It's also helpful to turn your thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer and lower in the winter during peak hours on weekdays. 
Tip: Smart thermostats can do this for you (both Nest and ecobee have time-based plans settings)!

With this plan, we’ll email you weekly coaching reports to show how you’re doing (with even more saving tips). You can also view your online personalized energy management dashboard anytime for a deeper understanding of when your usage is highest and what uses the most energy in your home.

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