WAYS TO SAVE during the dog days of summer

Keep a tight leash on your energy usage with savings tips and tools.

Cooler days up ahead! As the seasons roll over, try our top 3 tips for reducing heating and cooling costs all year long.

Tip #1 

Add window coverings for com-fur-t and shade

Keep rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Window treatments (like shades, drapes or plastic films) are a cost-effective way of weatherizing your home for all seasons.

Window shades and drapes

Tip #2

Air leaks got you chasing your tail?

Add caulk or weatherstripping to seal air leaks around doors, windows or your attic hatch.

Sealing windows

Tip #3 

Check for holes in air ducts

Ensure your home’s air ducts are properly sealed and insulated. Use duct sealant or metal-backed tape to block any leaks.

Sealing air ducts

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