New Construction

Get it right, right from the start.

When it comes to new construction and major renovation projects, it’s never too early to consider energy efficiency. Get in touch with Evergy as early as possible to gain access to rebates and incentives that will help turn your vision into reality. From early planning to decades-long cost strategies, we’re here to help from the ground up.

Project snapshot: McCrite Plaza

A meeting with Evergy’s engineering team in the very early planning stages led this large senior living center to opt for code-exceeding, energy-efficient lighting and mechanical technologies.

Est. annual energy savings: 831,077 kWh
Evergy incentive: $83,108
Annual energy costs saved: $72,392

Key opportunities to consider

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An ENERGY STAR® certified server can handle three times the workload as a standard server while using a third less energy. Server virtualization adds even more efficiency while reducing downtime.
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Airside economizers use cool outside air to help maintain optimum operating temperatures and humidity. Waterside economizers use the evaporation from cooling towers to provide chilled water
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LEDs use a fraction of the energy, last years longer, require far less maintenance than standard lighting. They also generate much less heat, taking a significant burden off your cooling system. 
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