Hybrid Heat Pumps

Feel better, and more comfortable, knowing that you are using energy more efficiently and helping the environment when you use your new hybrid (or dual-fuel) heat pump system.

What is a hybrid, or dual-fuel, heat pump?

A heat pump is a device identical to the air conditioner in your home with one big difference: it can reverse direction and heat in the winter, as well as provide cooling in the summer.  A hybrid heat pump (also known as a ‘dual-fuel’ or ‘add-on’ heat pump) performs the same function as an all-electric heat pump but can use either electricity or gas to provide heat.  It combines a traditional gas/oil/propane furnace with an electric heat pump, giving you the best of both options. It automatically switches between fuel sources to run the heat pump when it is the most efficient; which is during the mild and moderate winter temperatures.  When the outside temperature drops too low (typically below the 25-30-degree range), your furnace will do most of the heating.  This technology allows the system to operate the most efficiently during specific weather conditions, which maximizes comfort and efficiency and minimizes environmental impact.  

Aside from providing the flexibility to use two fuel sources, there are a few key benefits to installing a hybrid heat pump.

  • Heat and cool cleaner and more comfortably. When using electricity as the fuel source, you are reducing your carbon footprint by not burning a fossil fuel. As an Evergy customer, that impact is even greater because 1/3 of the electricity generated to power your home comes from the wind. Added comfort comes from a heat pump retaining the moisture in the air while heating, traditional furnaces dry out the air in your home more quickly.
  • Set it and forget it. Being able to switch fuel sources is a great benefit, it’s also easy to set up and manage. When your hybrid heat pump is installed, standard recommended settings are provided by the manufacturer and installer. These settings vary by region of the country you live in, so the optimal settings for our climate and seasons will be set by your installer. You will have a standard thermostat on your wall, probably just like you currently have, and can set your home to heat and cool, just as you always have. The hybrid heat pump does all the work and automatically switches fuel sources based on your settings at installation.
  • Potential savings. A hybrid heating and cooling system can provide savings due to operational efficiency.

If you have more questions about hybrid heat pumps, please email hybridheat@evergy.com.