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Helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals is important to us.

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Our electric vehicle advisory team helps commercial customers evaluate options to transition their fleet to electric. Together, we can help you understand electric charging costs and equipment, total cost of vehicle ownership, available incentives and ways to achieve your sustainability goals, reduce operating cost and boost your bottom line.
We assist corporate fleets, transit agencies and municipalities by... 
  • Evaluating business needs and costs of an electric vehicle fleet
  • Designing electrical infrastructure from meters to chargers to reduce upfront costs
  • Understanding rate options, renewable energy and solutions for optimizing charging

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If you have questions about adding transitioning your fleet or adding EVs, fill out our form and let us know. Or explore more information below. 

Whether you want to lower your total cost of fleet vehicle ownership or meet your company's sustainability goals, going electric has major benefits for your company and the health of our communities, including: 

Reduced spending on fuel: A typical electric vehicle costs less than 80 cents a gallon equivalent.

Reduced maintenance: With no oil changes and simpler transmissions, cost-savings adds up. Commercial fleet managers have reported up to a 50% reduction in maintenance costs for EVs.

Corporate sustainability: Plug-in EVs emit none of the tailpipe gases associated with conventional vehicles – gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Going electric can be both exciting and intimidating—we get it. Let our electric vehicle advisory team help you determine the best course of action for your business... from no cost assessments of EV opportunities to charging infrastructure planning and optimization.

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Our Clean Charge Network makes it easy to charge your fleet vehicles with over 2,400 charging ports where you live, travel and work. Covering the Center/Eastern Kansas, Western Missouri and the greater Kansas City metro, Evergy’s vast public charging networks makes our area one of the best places in the U.S to drive electric. With almost 30% of our charges free to use, it also helps your company’s bottom line.

Clean Charge Network

Level 2 Chargers: With over 1,200 public Level 2 chargers around the area, it’s easy to find a spot to charge during the workday, from client meetings to lunch outings. These chargers can deliver a charge of up to 60-miles of range per hour.

Level 3/DC Fast Chargers and Highway Charging: Strategically placed near highways, these fast chargers make it easy to go across the state while driving electric. Level 3 chargers can provide up to 100 miles of charge in 20-30 minutes.

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