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We assist businesses of all types in evaluating options to transition their fleet to electric.

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    Going electric starts with understanding the needs of your business.

    Our new tool empowers your business to visualize what it takes and how much it will save you, to electrify the vehicles serving your business needs. Start your electric journey today:

    1. Tell us about your organization
    2. Tell us about your vehicles
    3. See how much you can save

    Advisory Tool

    Join Our Virtual Showroom Webinar Sept. 28!

    Take the first step electrifying your fleet with our virtual GM Live showroom and webinar: How to Electrify Your Fleet! We'll cover how to:

    • Qualify for the rebate

    Find out if your business, municipality or school qualify, and get tips for a successful application.

    • Reduce installation costs

    Install up to six level 2 charging ports and two DC fast charging units for a rebate of up to $65,000.

    • Save more with our Business EV Rate

    Learn about our optional EV rates and how you can charge with 100% renewable energy.

    • Apply! With a live demo of the process

    Get a step-by-step walk-through of the rebate application process, followed by a Q&A session with our experts.

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    Learn about our EV advisory service and how your business can save even more

     See how Evergy is here to help your business

     See how your business can save even more  

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    Charging Rebate

    Save up to $65,000 on installing EV charging

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    EV Rate Plan

    Businesses who charge outside 2-8pm save
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    Transit Rate Plan

    Agencies who charge outside 6am-6pm save