Empowering a better future with sustainable energy

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We're dedicated to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy

Join us as we build a better future for you, the community and the planet. Find out what we're doing now and what we plan to do in the coming years for our communities and customers.
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Carbon neutral by 2045 

We'll be carbon neutral by 2045, adding 700 MW of solar energy
(enough to power over 70,000 homes) in the next two years and four
new wind sites
(enough to power 200,000 homes) by 2045.
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Our three main focuses for a sustainable future

A carbon neutral future by 2045
We're reducing carbon emissions, updating our energy mix to preserve our communities and enabling customers to be a part of the journey as well.

Stronger, more reliable power
By using diverse energy and upgrading our gridwe're stronger and more flexible to demand and extreme weather.

Cost savings passed to you
When our energy is more reliable and sustainable, we reduce our costs (which means yours too).
KCI Airport goes 100% clean energy

Businesses are going green

KCI Airport now gets 100% of their energy from our Renewables Direct program. That means everything from runway lighting to baggage conveyors will be powered by wind. But they're not the only ones, companies like Hallmark, Nestle Purina and Boehringer Ingelheim partner with us to be 100% green too.

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Diversity in energy, that's us

You can also find information on our CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information, as well as the Missouri Metro and Missouri West Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Reports.
*Please note: The forward-looking statements here involve risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking information.