That means everything from runway lighting to baggage conveyors will be powered by wind.

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Empowering a better future with sustainable energy

As more renewables come into our energy mix, the way we produce energy – and bring it to our homes and businesses – continues to evolve. And we all benefit from clean energy – our homes, our communities, our economy. That’s why we work hard to ensure our power grid and infrastructure support its growth, today and for generations to come.

We're reducing carbon output by 80%

By 2050, we plan to build four new wind sites (which is equivalent to powering 200,000 homes) and create $180 million economic benefit to our communities. Take a look at our sustainability report for more in-depth details.

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Renewables Direct program connects businesses with clean energy

What do KCI Airport, Hallmark, Nestle Purina and Boehringer Ingelheim have in common? They all source 100% of their energy from wind. Through Renewables Direct, businesses of all sizes can offset their energy usage through sustainable energy sources. This means more of our local communities can now be powered by clean energy.

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Energy is part of our daily lives. It's a modern necessity just like air, water and land. Now more than ever, our energy and natural resources depend on each other. And we’re committed to reducing impact on the environment. Here are just some ways we consistently work to reduce our environmental footprint:

  • Support a diverse energy mix with more than half of our power from renewable sources
  • Reduce emissions and invest over $1.8 billion to improve air quality since 2005
  • Save over 900 million gallons of water annually through our conservation efforts
  • Issued $350 million of green bonds in 2016 for wind portfolio expansion
  • Partner with environmental groups and employ 25 environmental experts
You can also find information on our CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information, as well as the Missouri Metro and Missouri West Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Reports.