Revert To Owner Agreement

This agreement authorizes Evergy to automatically put service in a landlord's name in between tenants. When a tenant contacts Evergy to disconnect their electric service, we will keep the service on in the landlord's name as of the specified date. The service will remain in the landlord's name until a new tenant requests service or the landlord disconnects the service.

The conditions of the agreement are as follows:

  • This release stipulates that the charges for the period between the time outgoing tenants request termination and incoming tenants request service will be accepted by you.
  • This agreement applies to all meters that are provided by Evergy at each address. There is no option to select one particular meter if more than one meter is present at an address.
  • Evergy reserves the right to disconnect any and all meters at an address when tenants become delinquent on their bill or have in any way interfered with normal service.
  • In the event the properties are sold, or otherwise change hands, any request for title change and/or discontinuance requires five (5) days prior written notification to terminate this agreement.