Supplier Spotlight and Testimonials

Meet some of our valued Suppliers and learn the benefits of our partnerships. 

Green Resources Consulting and Evergy 

Iveth Jalinsky and Tony Blogumas of Green Resources Consulting have long been advocates for helping our environment. While that remains a passion, the human suffering from COVID-19 affected each of them so deeply, they had to do something to help. Something that lead them to Evergy, by way of our Supplier Diversity program. 

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William Alexander, President and CEO of Alexander Mechanical

"We consider Evergy our platinum customer, and we strive as a company to make sure we keep our part of the bargain and that is to provide our services to meet their needs, to the best of our ability.

Hats off to Evergy and for everything they do to better the lives of the customers they service."



Maria Antonia Perez-Andujar of Index Lingua

"Index Lingua is proud to have been helping Evergy to better connect with its limited-English language speaking clients and employees for the past seven years. During the process of contract acquisition with the company, I could assess its requirements of integrity and quality from us, paired with a genuine desire to work with diverse businesses. Its special dedication to small and local enterprises shows by offering us periodical networking, information and improving opportunities throughout the year.

We can’t be any more grateful and happy to be a part of the Evergy team."


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