New Facilities - Utilizing Existing Infrastructure

Utilizing existing infrastructure to serve your new business not only promotes sustainability within the community but also offers incentives for you...

For non-residential customers within Evergy territories, building or using existing facilities and infrastructure when obtaining service creates an outcome that's beneficial to everyone, including you.

We're offering customers locating a distribution line extension on an underutilized circuit an additional 10% Construction Allowance associated with the extension. 

We'll review each project for rehabilitation or expansion to verify qualification of your project under the provisions to this program. 

Underutilized ares include...

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UUI-KCPL-Area-2 map
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UUI-GMO-Area-1 map
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UUI-GMO-Area-2 map
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These areas are current as of May 10, 2019 and will be reviewed and updated annually. You can view the full Missouri Metro tariff or Missouri West tariff for more information.  

To get in contact with an Evergy representative or for more information, call our Customer Care Center at 816-701-0363. For more information on overall Construction Standards, go here.