Medical Customer Program

If you rely on life-support equipment, we want to help you make special arrangements during outages.

If you are home-bound and rely on electrically operated life-support equipment that doesn’t have a backup power supply, we can help you make special arrangements during power outages.

  • We’ll provide you with a special phone number to call during outages.
  • The program doesn’t guarantee continuous service, but it does make it easier to report any outages and track restoration efforts.
  • As a backup during weather-related outages, we encourage you to seek a backup power source or develop a plan for relocating until your power is restored.
  • To see if you qualify, complete the application or contact us.
If you're concerned about power outages but aren't a part of our medical customer program, find out more about our restoration process to understand when and how power is restored. You can also view the outage map to find an estimated restoration time (if available) for your outage.