How Rates are Set

Learn more about utility regulation and how rates are set.

The essential services Evergy helps provide to our society are regulated. The rates are set by the state commissions, and several factors go into determining how those rates are set. Surprisingly, the portion of household budgets devoted to energy has declined despite increasing usage in the last 20 years. Find out more about each of these topics, regulations, rates, comparisons and more.
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Utility Regulation

History, standards and benefits.

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Detailed Tariffs

Take a look through detailed tariffs by territory. 
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Rate Overviews and Ratemaking

Find out more about rate prices and our regulated rate process, along with documentation on tariffs; rules and regulations; and rates, riders and adjustments.
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Energy Cost Drivers

Factors that affect pricing.
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FERC Compliance

Learn about our standards of conduct.
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Rate Updates

Stay up-to-date on the latest rate information and changes.

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