Missouri West Rate Case in 2024

Rates maintain a price advantage compared with neighboring states.

Evergy filed a request on Feb. 2, 2024 with the Missouri Public Service Commission to recover investments made to improve the grid in order to provide reliable power. 

Reliability improvements include:

  • Replacing aging infrastructure
  • Improving the ability to withstand more severe weather
  • Adding technologies that better outage performance and improve our predictive maintenance capabilities
  • Creating more power (or generation capacity) for customers, which also helps us...
    • Reduce exposure to big swings in pricing for electricity purchased from the market
    • This includes the cost to purchase Dogwood Energy Center to meet the growing needs of Missouri West customers
Key Asset Types

Average Age

Expected Life
Overhead Conductors 37 30
Underground Conductors 28 30
Poles 37 40-45
Line Transformers 33 20
Pad-mounted Transformers 33 20

"We are investing strategically to ensure customers have reliable, affordable energy,” said Evergy President and Chief Executive Officer David Campbell. “Our focus continues to be on more efficiently running the business, which despite this period of record inflation has resulted in a reduced increase ask for our customers. While most area states have seen electricity costs increase about 11% over the past six years, Evergy’s prices have remained regionally competitive and even declined in some areas."

A comparison chartAs depicted above, during this post-merger period, our Evergy Missouri West rates increased a modest 7.9% while regional rates in peer states, on average, increased by about 11% and rates in Oklahoma and Texas increased by 14.6% and 20%. The cumulative change in inflation was nearly 23%. 

Where and what is changing?

The Evergy Missouri West service area serves more than 340,000 customers and includes St. Joseph, Liberty, Platte City, Harrisonville, and Warrensburg, among other cities. The majority of the Kansas City Metropolitan region is not in the Missouri West service area. Most Kansas City Metropolitan customers are in the Missouri Metro service area. Evergy is not asking for any changes to base rates in its Missouri Metro service area.

As part of the rate case filing, Evergy is requesting to increase base rates for Evergy Missouri West customers by about 13.42% (roughly $17 a month). The prices customers pay for electric service are calculated based on actual costs the company incurred and investments the company has made.

To justify any price increase, Evergy must show the costs were warranted and prudent. This request also includes a 0.57% increase to account for increased fuel costs.
Evergy has not requested structural changes to the time-based rate plans that were implemented in 2023.

A map highlighting the areas that are Missouri West

When will changes go into effect?

The filing begins an 11-month process where regulators and interveners will review, audit and evaluate the request to ensure the resulting prices reflect the actual cost of serving Evergy Missouri West customers. The process will include public hearings later in the year, which are yet to be scheduled. If approved, new rates will become effective on January 1, 2025.