Business Customers

If you're a business customer, please toggle to "Business" in the top-left to ensure you see relevant information.

Updates to How You Pay Your Bill

Look through details below to find what updates and what stays the same.

For most residential customers, the only thing that changes is making your payment payable to Evergy...

I'm on a payment plan. Does this change my payment schedule?
Nothing has changed for your plan. Please continue to pay on the schedule you and your customer care representative set up, in the same manner you were paying previously.

Do I need to set up my autopay through my account again?
No, your autopay enrollment is still active. You can change or view your preferences anytime.

Will I need to update anything when I pay my Evergy bill?
For most customers, there will be no action required from you aside from making checks payable to Evergy. If the way you pay your bill does require an update, you'll find it throughout this page.

Note: If you had an online account with us before we combined companies to create Evergy, you're still able to utilize and sign into your account. You won't need to create a new account.

You will start seeing Evergy listed on your bank statements and bills

If you pay your bill electronically through your bank's online system...

  • You can now update your online bill pay profile and select Evergy

If you pay with a check...

  • The only thing you need to do is starting making checks payable to "Evergy" 
  • Continue to mail your check to the same address as before; please verify the address here or find it on your bill