Economic Relief Pilot Program

For those who meet income guidelines, ERPP provides some monthly bill relief.

The Economic Relief Pilot Program (ERPP) is a great way to help ease the pain of monthly bills and provide help to budget your monthly expenses. This program provides those with an income at or below 200% of the current federal poverty level with a credit of up to $65 per month, for a maximum of 12 consecutive months, if you qualify. 

How to sign up

Evergy is partnering with The Salvation Army in the ERPP screening and application process. There are three ways you can sign up: 

  1. Fill out the ERPP application. (Ver la aplicación en español)
  2. Call The Salvation Army at 816-756-5392, option 1. 
  3. Make an in-person appointment by locating The Salvation Army office near you. If you don't have internet access, contact United Way by dialing 2-1-1 on your phone to find The Salvation Army office in your area.


  • An active, Missouri residential account with Evergy that is in good standing
  • Not currently disconnected and not currently at risk of it
  • Income is at or below 200% of the current federal poverty level (see guidelines below)
  • Must not have been previously removed from the program due to mishandling of your Evergy account (non-payment, tampering, diversion, fraud)
  • Must agree to participate in an interview regarding program participation if requested by Evergy and/or the Missouri Public Service Commission

Income guidelines

Family Size Income per Year Income per Month
1 $30,120.00


2 $40,880.00 $3,406.67
3 $51.640.00 $4,303.33
4 $62,400.00 $5,200.00
5 $73,160.00 $6,096.67
6 $83,920.00 $6,993.33
7 $94,680.00 $7,890.00
8 $105,440.00 $8,786.67
Each additional family member add   $10,760.00 $897.00

*Income levels represent 200% of the 2023 Federal poverty guideline. Source for this information:
View ERPP Terms and Conditions