Small Changes, Big Savings

Small Changes, Big Savings

Sandi, our Evergy energy efficiency expert, shares some personal customer stories and tips on insulation, power strips and more to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter..

You can also check out more simple ways to make small changes for big savings below.

Smart Power Strips

Did you know a smart power strip lets you plug-in multiple devices and detects when they're no longer in use to turn them off/save you money? This is a great option for TV or computer set-ups because smart power strips protect your devices and help reduce your energy usage.

Benefits of Smart Power Strips
Can detect when devices are in standby or powered off 
Will cut off power to devices in standby or powered off to save energy 
Allows a person to set it and forget it 
Offers several choices of smart power strip: timer, activity monitor, remote switch, master-controlled and  masterless

Find some more helpful customer stories and energy efficiency tips from Sandi...

Last 35,000+ hours
(8 years+ average use)
Last around 15,000 hours
(3 years average use)
Last around 3,000 hours
(1-2 years average use)
Not hot to touch Hot to the touch because they use heat as energy source Get very hot to touch and rely on heat as energy source
Use least amount of energy Use more energy than LEDs Use energy inefficiently
Let you choose your own brightness Bright light only Limited options for brightness
Don't contain mercury Contain mercury/require special disposal Don't contain mercury

 For more information on LEDs, take a look through our LED guide and offerings.

Did you know smart thermostats help you save energy and gain control of your thermostat from anywhere? Find out why it's a good idea to update to a smart thermostat.

Benefits of thermostat include mobile/app access, programmable, track usage and control from anywhere

Smart Thermostat
Manual Thermostat
Adjust or check-in on your phone Manually adjust from home
Cut energy use with away mode, scheduling or learning options Scheduling or away mode not available
Track your energy use with an app No app integration or usage tracking
Complete control in your hands from anywhere Control from home only

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