Bringing Energy Efficiency Programs to Kansas

Coming this spring... more opportunities to save!

Soon, our Evergy Kansas customers can access programs and products previously only available to our Missouri customers.

The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), which regulates utilities in the state, has approved the Kansas Energy Efficiency Investment Act (KEEIA), a broad range of programs, rebates, discounts and freebies to help Kansans save energy…and money.

In the first four years, KEEIA programs are expected to provide:

Overview of program plans
Overview of program imapcts

For homeowners, renters and businesses

There’s something for everyone, and it’s all designed to help you save.

These programs give you more control over your energy use and can help future-proof your home. As KEEIA begins to roll out this year, here are just a few of the exciting things to come:

  • Cash rebates on high-efficiency AC units and heat pumps
  • Discounts and rewards for installing smart thermostats
  • Free home energy assessments to discover easy upgrades
  • Inexpensive DIY weatherization items
  • Incentives for appliance recycling
  • …and lots more

Why does energy efficiency matter?

Because building new power plants is expensive, and something we all want to avoid.

By reducing energy waste, we can:

  • Postpone or eliminate the need for expensive new coal plants
  • Extend the life of our existing infrastructure
  • Reduce strain on our energy grid
  • Create more opportunity for renewables

Plus, using more efficient appliances and making efficiency upgrades keeps more of your heating and cooling dollars in your home—rather than being wasted on old models that use much more energy to do the same thing.

It’s like replacing old gas-guzzling cars with models that get a lot more miles to the gallon.

What’s next?

Look for programs starting to roll out this summer!