Fuel up overnight to maximize your electric vehicle's impact and savings.

Do you plug in your car and start charging when you get home from work? For most, this is during peak power hours when electricity demand is high. Find out how charging off-peak is better for the environment, the power grid and your wallet.

Start charging after 8 pm

It's easy to change your charging habits. Plug in when you get home as usual, then schedule your car to start charging between 8 pm and 6 am. You can schedule from your car's dashboard, home charging station, or use an EV charging smartphone app to set reminders and recurring charging times.

So, what are the benefits?

After hours is cleaner.

wind turbines 

Off-peak power hours (between 8 pm and 6 am) is the time when locally sourced renewable energy is most plentiful. Convenient for you and the power grid, your charging time is just another way to reduce your carbon footprint.

It strengthens the grid.

Power Grid

More EVs on the road means higher demand for electricity. By shifting your charging habits to a time when energy use is lower, you're reducing strain on the grid. This means more reliable power now and for years to come.

And it costs less.

Electric Vehicle charging at night

Our Time of Use Plan is an optional rate plan that offers lower rates when you shift energy usage away from peak hours. That means you’ll save even more on fuel costs when you schedule your car to charge after 8 pm.

Save Even More