What is the estimated restoration time for my outage?


Normally, you can see an estiminated restoration time (ERT) for your outage on the outage map. But when there's a major outage situation, we may not know an estimated time for restoration because:
  • The weather and road conditions can affect how long it takes for a crew to reach a site
  • Crews have to determine what repair is needed and this assessment time can vary depending on how significant the damage is
  • Repairs can take hours in some cases — if tree limbs take down lines, crews must remove the tree and sometimes rebuild the entire power pole, all of the equipment on it and string new power lines
  • One outage can affect a single customer or thousands of customers, so the time needed to restore each outage varies greatly. When all of these factors above are taken into account and multiplied by numerous outages, we're unable to give accurate or even predicted restoration times