Energy Savings Kit - receive free energy-efficient upgrades to your home

Receive FREE energy-efficient upgrades to your home with the Energy Savings Kit, through a partnership of Evergy and Spire. When you make an appointment for a home energy assessment, you'll receive complimentary upgrades throughout your home, along with personalized tips for more ways to save. 

Schedule Your Appointment

How it works

To receive your Energy Savings Kit with free upgrades and home assessment:
  • Schedule your appointment online or call (855) 907-6930.
  • An energy-efficiency professional will take about an hour to walk through your home with you and find ways to reduce energy use and save money.
  • With your permission, they'll also install a variety of energy-saving products at no cost to you.
  • You’ll receive a customized summary including recommended next steps, tips for reducing your energy use and costs, and ways to improve your home’s comfort.

What’s included

In addition to the assessment, you’ll receive a variety of energy-saving products, installed for free:

  • Up to 20 LED bulbs to replace incandescent, halogen or burnt-out CFLs
  • Up to four faucet aerators
  • Up to two efficient-flow shower heads
  • Water heater pipe insulation (installed on hot and cold pipes for up to six feet from water heater tank, when accessible)
  • Up to two smart power strips

You'll also get a customized summary for any next steps or further efficiency suggestions.


All Missouri residential customers served by Evergy and Spire are eligible to participate. Renters must obtain landlord consent prior to participation. One Energy Savings Kit per residence. See terms and conditions.

Note: all Missouri customers are eligible, even if you're not within Spire's service area.