Requesting Donations

Our community investments team evaluates donation requests according to guidelines that align with our focus areas.

We believe every cause is important. But due to the volume of requests we receive each year and limitations on available resources, we follow a prioritization and evaluation process that helps us invest in programs in the most effective way possible. View more info on how we prioritize.

We realize COVID-19 creates funding needs for many agencies serving our customers and communities. As a result, special consideration will be given to the following requests for operations, projects and programs:

  • Coordinated community programs to support those impacted by COVID-19 (such as housing, payment assistance, emergency relief, etc.)
  • Expanded and/or re-evaluated agency programming to support those most impacted by COVID-19.
  • Funding to support client needs, cover costs associated with decreased staffing, increased technology for remote working due to quarantine/social distancing and increased sanitation of facilities that serve clients.
  • Coordination of in-kind goods and donations to sites and organizations that provide human services and serve vulnerable populations.

To help us evaluate your COVID-19 specific request, please email with information in the gray box (see below) along with the following:

  • Statement that your funding request is specifically in response to, impacted by or adjusted due to COVID-19. 
  • Summary of the services you’ve provided during the pandemic.
  • Estimated total impact on agency, project, programs associated with COVID-19 (monetary and capacity, etc.)
  • Other requested and/or funded request for agency, projects, programs associated with COVID-19 (government, agencies, foundations, etc.)
  • Summary of revenues lost (if any) due to canceled events, contracted services, campaigns that support your ongoing expenses.
  • Specific amount of funding requested.

You'll need to provide basic information:

  • Primary contact information
  • Federal tax identification number and 501(c) 3 status letter
  • A list of board members
  • A summary of the agency’s purpose, clients, goals and how you measure effectiveness
  • The specific dollar amount the agency is requesting and how it will be used
  • Agency-wide and program-specific budget information
  • Most recent audited financial statements
  • A list of other corporate and foundation support

But we can't make funds available for: 

  • Individuals (for scholarships, trips, conferences or similar purposes)
  • School-affiliated groups (such as bands, choirs or athletic teams)
  • Sporting activities and golf tournaments
  • Single disease organizations
  • Not-for-profit agencies outside of our service and operating area
  • Journal advertising


Here’s how we evaluate and prioritize requests:

  • Alignment of the agency's mission with our focus areas
  • Documented history of the agency's effectiveness, financial soundness and leadership
  • Evergy's relationship with the agency through volunteers, board leadership or business involvement
  • Location of the agency within or near our service and operating area

If you believe your agency is a match for our community investment funds, please email us at