Home Battery Storage Pilot

By participating in Evergy’s Home Battery Storage Pilot program, you’ll receive a FREE 16 kWh home battery storage system. This battery system can help lower your energy costs and provide backup power for essential lighting and appliances during outages. Plus we will install it at your home for FREE! This pilot program will allow Evergy to test how home batteries interact with the power grid and provide back up power for customers. In addition, it gives you further visibility and options on your energy usage and costs.

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  • Saves $
    • Your battery will be optimized to capture energy during less expensive “off peak” rate periods and to dispense the power during more costly rate times to save you money. A Time of Use rate plan is required for pilot program.
  • Store Energy you produced
    • If you have solar panels, the battery can even help capture excess energy and store the energy for later use.
  • Keep your appliances on
    • If there is an outage, your battery can help power critical appliances like your refrigerator for up to 3 hours.
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How does it work?


The battery will be programmed to charge during lower “off-peak” rate periods, and then to discharge the stored energy within milliseconds during higher “peak” rate periods, supplementing your home’s energy and creating savings for you. You can also use the stored energy during an outage as backup power.  The battery will kick on within milliseconds of an outage so that your lights and essential appliances can continue undisturbed.

What you need to know

  • Eligibility requirements:
    • You own the property (residential customers only)
    • You have reliable cellular service or Wi-Fi at your location
    • You are an Evergy customer in Missouri and willing to be on a Time of Use Plan (TOU)
    • Your Evergy account must be in good standing with no disconnect notices in the last 12 months
  • You will need to complete a customer interest questionnaire to determine if your home is eligible

  • $10 monthly Battery program fee – added to your regular Evergy bill
    • Battery and installation worth $18,000

What to expect

The Home Battery Storage Pilot is a research and development program designed to find you cutting-edge solutions to improve your energy utilization in the home, while helping Evergy advance the power grid. We expect the program to be a hands-on partnership that may require multiple site visits, meetings, and discussions between the homeowner and Evergy. This is truly about learning and testing, so Evergy will be looking for feedback on processes, technology and your experience so we can make improvements for future battery programs and customer experience.

Some steps in the process

After the pilot ends

Evergy selected a battery storage technology that includes a home energy management control system with cloud support. Evergy will own, install, operate and maintain the battery storage system at your home through the pilot, which ends in 2025. At the end of 2025, you will be allowed to pick from the following options: 

  • We will transfer ownership and maintenance of the battery to you under the condition that you provide Evergy with access of energy data and control the power from the battery. If needed, for the battery’s remaining useful life, you’ll be compensated if the energy from the battery supports the Evergy power grid during an emergency condition. 
  • Purchase the battery at the depreciated value with no future obligation to Evergy under this pilot; or
  • Request Evergy remove the battery.
Enhancing Reliability across our Region

This Program is part of Evergy’s broader strategic effort to strengthen and modernize our community’s energy grid. This effort includes several targeted projects across the Evergy region to strengthen our critical energy infrastructure and build a more resilient and sustainable grid for the future.

Visit Environmental Impact - Evergy to learn more.

 If you are interested in the battery pilot, please email renewables@evergy.com and we will email you a link in January when signups are open

The following information is a useful resource to customers who are interested in learning more about Evergy’s Home Battery Storage Pilot Program. 

1. What is the Evergy Home Battery Storage Pilot Program?
This program provides energy efficiency, reduces energy costs, and provides backup power during outages by using the stored energy from the battery system.

2. Why is energy storage important?
Energy storage makes it possible to balance the supply and demand of power instantaneously. This allows power grids to be more efficient and resilient. And of course, energy storage is also helpful in emergency situations, such as outages.

3. What is a battery storage system?
The battery storage system can work with home energy management controllers that provide real-time optimization of customer resources (battery, solar, and key loads) to maximize customer benefits, minimize utility grid impacts, and provide demand response for system capacity or local distribution constraints.

4. How will energy storage cut power costs?
Energy storage has the ability to cut power costs in two main ways. The primary way that participation in the Evergy Home Battery Storage Pilot Program will lead to saving is by allowing customers to avoid “on peak” or premium pricing. Additionally, battery storage will also lower the overall cost of providing electricity, which will help us manage costs for all Evergy customers.   

5. What is on peak time and how does energy storage help with peak-shaving?
On peak time is the time of day when the demand for electricity is at its highest point. During on peak times, the utility must supply expensive additional electricity production. In order to meet the high demand, there is an extra charge that must be applied by the utility to the customer. Energy battery storage will allow the customer to automatically purchase the electricity at off-peak prices for use during the peak period. This will lower your electricity production during those on peak times and allow you to avoid the extra charge.

6. How do I become a part of the pilot Program?
The pilot Program has been made available to a few select customers for testing and research in Evergy Missouri territories in hopes of deploying the program to a wider Evergy customer base within the next 1-2 years. Email renewables@evergy.com to request an application.

7. What Home Battery Storage System will be installed?
Sunverge One or Sunverge Infinity LGE battery model.

8. Is there another Battery Storage System that qualifies for the Evergy Home Battery Storage System Pilot?
Unfortunately, at this time, the only two eligible systems for the pilot are the Sunverge One or Sunverge Infinity LGE Battery Model.

9. Who will be installing the Battery Storage System on my property?
Evergy has qualified contractors participating within the program who will be in charge of carefully installing the System on your property. Evergy’s contractors and all their employees will adhere to specific procedures, guidelines, and practices outlined for them.

10. Is there any routine maintenance required for the System?
One of the participating contractors must perform annual safety and operation inspections of the System and other installed equipment, throughout a term of five years.

11. Who should I reach out to with any program-related questions?
For questions on the battery system or program related questions reach out to Tammie Rhea at; (316) 299-7426 or renewables@evergy.com. 

12. Who will be purchasing the equipment and how long will it remain installed on my property? 
Evergy will provide all the equipment and the battery system will be installed on your property for 5 years or as it is mentioned in the customer agreements.

13. If I have already been approved and selected to participate in the Program, do I have to do anything to remain a part of the Program?
You will be responsible for paying your monthly Evergy bill and must remain enrolled in an eligible services plan for the entire period of the agreement outlined within the Customer Participation Agreement.

14. Am I responsible for any System upkeep or maintenance?
Evergy will inspect the System, and we ask customers to be cautious and reasonably manage the installed equipment on the property. Evergy will be responsible for monitoring the Sunverge Battery’s performance. If you become aware of equipment issues, notify Evergy as soon as possible at renewables@evergy.com. Once reported, they will dispatch a qualified contractor to visit your home and assess the damage.
Please see the ‘Equipment Stewardship’ and ‘Evergy Obligations and Acknowledgements’ Section of the Customer Participation Agreement for more details.

15. How do I terminate the Agreement and step away from the Program?
You may terminate the Agreement and exit the pilot Program at any time prior to the end of the term by providing written notice 30 days in advance to Evergy (“Customer Early Termination”). Terminations can be sent to our Renewables Team at; renewables@evergy.com Attn: Tammie Rhea

16. How long is the Evergy Energy Storage Pilot Program commitment? 
The pilot will run for a term of 48 months beginning in 2022 concluding in 2025.

17. If the Program expands beyond a pilot, will current Program participants have the option to remain a part of the Program?
Yes. Program participants may remain in the Program once the broader phase begins in 2025. Please refer to terms outlined in the Customer Participation Agreement for further details.

18. Will the battery storage system automatically discharge upon an outage?
Yes. You will not have to do anything. When an outage occurs, your battery will power the appliances identified as a critical load.

19. How long will backup power be provided?
Your battery will power your home approximately 3 to 4 hours depending on the level of charge at the time of the outage and the loads it is providing power for.

20. What is the cost to be part of the pilot?
There is a program participation fee of $10.00 per month.

21. Do I choose where this battery can be located in my home?
If your home is selected a site visit will be done to determine the best location for the battery installation.  Ideally it will be in a garage along an outside wall. 

22. How and when will I be notified if selected for consideration in the pilot?
We will communicate with you via email.

23. Can I have a battery if I am also solar customer or have an EV?
Yes but you must also be on a time of use rate.

24. Do I control the charging and discharging of the battery?
At this time, the charging and discharging of the battery programming is set by Evergy.  We will work to ensure the most economical charging and discharging times based on your normal usage.

25. Can I refer someone to be a part of the pilot or program?
Yes, please refer them to this webpage to learn the details.

26. What happens if I sell my house or want to move?
If the new owner is not interested in participating in the pilot, we will work with them to remove the battery

27. Am I liable for cost of the battery if I somehow damage or ruin it?
To protect this asset, you are required to maintain homeowners’ insurance during the time the battery is installed in your home to cover any damage.