We are now Evergy

KCP&L and Westar combined operations to create a stronger, local energy provider for you.

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Moving energy forward

Evergy provides energy and service more efficiently. That means more savings for you, no changes to base rates in Kansas for at least five years and smaller, less frequent rate-change requests for all in the future.

Evergy embraces alternative energy sources to generate more power with less impact on our environment. Nearly half of the power we provide to homes and businesses will now be emissions-free.

Evergy commits to energy solutions and choices that fit your lifestyle. We'll strive to make your experience with us effortless and fulfilling as we work alongside you to offer innovative solutions and meet your needs.

Our holding company name changed to Evergy, Inc. And in October of 2019, we transitioned both companies to the single company name of Evergy.

As an Evergy customer, here's where you can find the important items you're used to seeing:

As a combined company, we will provide you more benefits, like increased savings, sustainable energy and innovative solutions, than we could had KCP&L and Westar remained separate companies.

Becoming Evergy also means we've committed to no changes in base rates in Kansas for five years, along with smaller, less frequent rate changes for everyone in the future. You'll also see savings passed along directly to you. Find out how.