Wiring Protection

Enroll in one of our wiring protection plans to stay covered when unexpected repairs pop up.

Many homes have miles of wiring in the walls, dozens of outlets and a complicated breaker box. If any one of these pieces fail, it often results in expensive repairs. Keep your home and wallet protected with a small monthly fee for a protection plan that works best for you. You can call 816-472-0432 to sign up today or enroll online below.

How does wiring protection benefit me?

  • On-call access to a licensed electrician
  • A 20% discount on any repairs not eligible for coverage
  • Fully-warranted repair work
  • Parts and labor costs covered within allotted protection amount
  • No added trip charges, service fees or after-hour expenses within allotted protection amount
  • Ability to use $100 of allotted protection amount annually toward the installation of a ceiling light, ceiling fan or electric vehicle charging station with Extended Protection

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