Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Did you know you could be wasting energy and money every day? We can help you identify some simple things to do around your home to help you put money back in your pocket.

The Attic

If your attic hatch isn’t air tight, consider building a new one to save electricity and also prevent hot and cold spots below.

  • Air leaks around the attic hatch are common, and they increase your electric bill. 
  • If the area below your attic hatch is cold in winter and hot in summer, it means you’re paying to warm or cool air that’s escaping into the attic.
  • Our video shows how easy it is to make an air-tight hatch.

The Basement

Consider a basement sealing project to save. Air-sealing in the basement can be challenging, but the benefits can be substantial.

  • Look for common basement air leaks and plug the biggest holes first.
  • Don't worry about filling every hole you find.
  • Your biggest savings will come from plugging the large ones.

The Bathrooms

Here are two quick ways to cut energy loss in your bathroom. Not only will it spruce up the appearance of your bathroom, but it will help you save!

  • Caulk your bathtub and windows to stop air leaks.
  • Install a low flow showerhead.

The Bedrooms

Standby power loss accounts for as much as 20% of your bill. Learn where it occurs, and see three new gadgets that can help reduce it.

  • Items like your phone charger and cable box use power even when not in use.
  • An energy use monitor shows you how much power each device uses.
  • An outlet timer and a smart power strip can both help you save energy.

The Den or Office

Use a thermal detector to find air leaks through-out your home. Sealing them will help you save on your energy bill.

  • Black and Decker's Thermal Leak Detector will help you save.
  • The device is easy to use.
  • It will help you find air leaks around windows, vents and doors.

The Entry

Don't let your air escape! We'll show you how to weatherize your entry door to keep your home comfortable at all times.

  • The average consumer loses $45-100 per year in heat loss.
  • During the summer, that amount doubles with A/C loss.
  • Our step-by-step video can help you end drafts and air loss.

The Kitchen

Your refrigerator consumes a large portion of the energy used in your home. Cleaning the coils will help it operate more efficiently.

  • All you need is a vacuum cleaner.
  • Your coils are found either in the bottom or back of your fridge.
  • Vacuuming your coils can help you save money each month.

Do You Rent?

There are plenty of ways to take control of your energy usage and save money, even if you rent. Here are some simple things you can do to start saving today!

  • Switch to LED lighting. Switching out 5 bulbs to LEDs could save you more than $100 per year! Learn how to choose the right LED bulb for your needs.
  • Unplug devices such as cell phones and tablets when they are fully charged. To save time, you could put devices on a power strip that can be easily switched off.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water. Making this change can save you about 50 cents per load.
  • Control your thermostat settings. During the summer, each degree you set your thermostat above 75 degrees cuts your cooling costs by about 3%. During the winter, lowering your settings by 1 degree for at least eight hours will save you about 1% on your energy bill.
  • Make sure your air filters are cleaned and changed monthly. This will allow air to properly flow and ensure that your furnace and air conditioner are working at peak efficiency.