Mossman Transmission Line Upgrade

Transmission line upgrades enhance reliability and strengthen the power grid, allowing us to serve homes and businesses well into the future.


Evergy is preparing to rebuild the 60-year-old, 2-mile transmission line that connects the Mossman substation, located at Mossman and Chautauqua streets, to the Wichita State University substation, located at 17th and Bluff streets. Upgrading the transmission line is needed to ensure our equipment meets modern standards for reliability and safety.

The project replaces a transmission line from the 1960s that is nearing the end of its service life. The upgrades will enhance electric reliability and support growth in Wichita, as well as strengthen the regional power grid. The new line will be stronger, more efficient and will incorporate technology that can help reduce power outages, both in frequency and length.

Mossman-WSU Transmission Line Project Community Meeting

August 18, 2022

Route options

Both the existing route and the Red Bud Trail are technically viable options. Both routes would require tree trimming and removal for the safe construction and operation of the transmission line. View map of transmission route options.

Existing route

  • Wood poles where the lines follows a straight direction
  • Steel poles on street corners or where the line changes direction

Red Bud Trail

  • Steel poles because of changes in direction
  • Trail’s terrain will require larger poles

Steel poles can either be galvanized or weathered, depending on the community’s preference. View a side-by-side comparison. Steel poles are utilized for additional reliability and resiliency with the harsh weather conditions our communities can face.


Construction is scheduled to take place in 2025. Property restoration will take place after construction is complete. Duration of restoration is weather dependent and varies by project, but properties will be restored to, near as reasonable, pre-construction condition. An Evergy project representative will communicate with property owners individually to discuss expected timeline and damage, if any, caused by construction.


Evergy is committed to transparent and timely communications with stakeholders who have an interest in this project, including neighborhood residents. We are early in the planning process and specific details about pole sizes and locations aren’t yet known. As plans for the project are developed and the route is determined, we will share more information with residents in the area and host a community open house.