An energy-efficient air conditioner could help you save energy and money.

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It's just not cutting it

Not much air coming through your vents? Is the air not that cool? Is your air conditioner running all day and not hitting your desired temperature? Change your filter. Check your vents for blockages. And if it’s still a problem, call an authorized HVAC contractor for help.
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Another summer, another repair bill

Repair costs add up. Look at how much you’ve spent over the last few years. Consider what you’ll pay in the future. A new unit will save you money because it runs more efficiently – and is much less likely to fail you when you need it most.
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It offends your senses

Maybe it’s a weird smell. Maybe a strange sound. Maybe you see moisture gathering on your unit. Maybe it’s all of those things! From coolant leaks to equipment failure, these are potentially dangerous signs your air conditioner needs a vital repair. Or replacement.
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It's more than 10 years old

Older air conditioners are less efficient. They’re more prone to breakdown. And they may use R-22 (freon) as a refrigerant, which is becoming more expensive because of EPA regulations.
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You're seeing high energy bills

If your bills are higher than last year – especially over the summer – your air conditioner could be the problem. Compare last year’s bill to what you’re paying now. And factor in the weather. A new, energy-efficient unit could save you a lot of money down the road.