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Research and Pilot Program

A culture of innovation begins with an investment in our customers and communities.

Evergy supports your energy usage in many ways and figuring out the best way to invest in our customers is important to us because we know it’s important to you. That is why we now have a Research and Pilot Program - a resource for assessing innovative and different ways we can support our customers, aside from our discount and discounts.

Our current pilots include...

Kansas City Low-Income Leadership Assistance Collaborative (KC-LILAC)

KC-LILAC is designed to bring local support resources together to offer the most comprehensive experience for customers who meet the low-income qualifications.

  • Focused in areas of energy efficiency, home health, structural repair and integrity
  • Meant to create a better, more widespread understanding of what is available for the low-income population
  • If you are interested in learning about what resources are available, or would like to see how you can contribute to KC-LILAC, please contact us at 816-652-1239, or

Energy Efficiency for Nonprofits (EENP) 

This program is designed to help 501c3 social services organizations with affordable energy upgrades to their buildings. The EENP pilot is built to help address the economic, social, and informational barriers that impede participation.

  • Provides low- and no-cost energy efficiency measures and enhanced incentives
  • Eligible organizations include commercial 501c3 homeless, women’s, emergency shelters, group living facilities that support homelessness, substance abuse or domestic violence victims, and satellite facilities
  • Energy Efficiency for Nonprofits Pilot Information
  • Current rebates
Get started:

HVAC Quality Install

Our residential HVAC program team will be testing a new bluetooth-enabled application to verify quality installation of new heating and cooling system equipment. Results will be evaluated (and a report issued) providing the pilot findings to determine if this would make a valuable addition to the current Heating, Cooling and Home Comfort Program. 

Note: This program is currently unavailable for customer enrollment while it is under a limited pilot trial.