How We Help with Tree Trimming

We want to help keep trees away from power lines.

We’re serious about our responsibility to keep trees away from power lines and want trees to stand strong through all kinds of weather. So our tree experts trim them all year ’round to keep ice, snow, wind and storms from wreaking havoc.

Our proactive efforts are paying off. In trimmed areas, tree-related power outages have dropped by more than 60 percent. Year-round trimming is a smart way to keep families safe and preserve the beauty of trees for generations to come.

Trimming methods

  • Each tree is evaluated on an individual basis. Directional pruning methods are most commonly used by professional crews, whereby only those branches that may impact overhead lines are removed.
  • Trees are pruned according to the approved Tree Care Industry pruning standard. It allows for the tree to attain the normal regrowth for the species and is better than other pruning methods for safety and your tree's health.
  • Your tree may look different after pruning, but in the long run it will be less susceptible to pest problems and decay.
  • Some trees with a single main trunk are not good candidates for directional pruning. These trees may be pruned below the lines in order to obtain required clearance.