Paperless Billing Terms and Conditions

By clicking the 'I agree' button, I am requesting that Evergy stop sending me a paper bill by mail. I understand that if I choose paperless billing it will be my responsibility in the future to check the website to obtain my bill. Evergy will send an email notification when my bill is available to view. However, I understand that Evergy does not control all aspects of email delivery and cannot guarantee delivery of the email notification even if I have provided my current and correct email address. I understand I will continue to receive a paper bill until Evergy has processed my enrollment. After my enrollment in paperless billing is received I will receive a confirmation by email at the address I provided.

By agreeing to suspension of mailed bills, I agree that posting of the bill on the website will constitute receipt by me of the bill for all purposes and that the bill is payable upon posting. I further understand that Evergy can only send the email notification of my bill if it has a valid email address for me, and I agree to provide Evergy with any change in my email address. I am aware that if I do not check the website in a timely manner for my bill or fail to pay my bill by the due date for any reason, collection actions may be initiated against my account, which may include past due collection notices and suspension of electric service.

  1. Email Address Updates: I may provide email address updates at any time through my profile in my account.
  2. Invalid Email Addresses: If for any reason email notifications are returned as undeliverable, Evergy may post a message in my account notifying me that I need to update my email address. In any event, it is my responsibility to maintain a valid email address on record if I want to receive billing notifications via email.
  3. Minimum Service Requirements: To access and retain communications from Evergy, I must have a working email address and internet access with: 

    • A Web browser that supports 128-bit encryption (such as Chrome, Safari, etc.)
    • A program that can view, save and print PDF files (such as Adobe Reader). 

  4. Paperless Bill Cancellation: I may cancel this electronic billing option at no cost and revert to receiving a paper bill by mail. Once my account has reverted to receiving a paper bill, I will no longer receive eBill notifications and access to historical bill images older than three months. Also, Evergy may remove me from paperless billing for certain reasons, e.g., if I stop paying my bill electronically. There may be a delay of one or two billing periods before paper bill delivery resumes.
  5. Payments: In order to be in the paperless billing program, I agree to pay my bill electronically. Electronic options include automatic payments, online payments, or other electronic options that Evergy may offer in the future. I may also pay via third-party services that provide Evergy with remittance information. I understand that failure to provide Evergy with remittance information when I pay my bill may delay posting of my payment possibly resulting in late payment charges and other collection actions.