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KCP&L and Westar recently came together as Evergy. As we’re planning to consolidate our separate account systems, some customers will have slightly different experiences.

Your account stayed the same; you can still sign in using the same credentials. But you might not remember your password or run into some technical issues trying to get to the right spot. Let's help you solve that...

Don't have an online account with us? Register now.

Don't have an online account with us? Register now.

Selecting your location...

A new tool in place on our website allows us to show you the most relevant and personal information by your account location (selected in the top of the website). To better understand how our service areas are broken down, and where you're located, take a look at our map below.

There are two Kansas service areas and two Missouri service areas: Kansas Metro, Missouri Metro and Missouri West are what was previously KCP&L; while Kansas Central, in green, is what was previously Westar. 

Service areas