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August was the hottest month of the year, but cooler days are finally here. Say goodbye to summer with tips, tools and discounts that help you save all year long.

A cool tip: Air seal your attic access. Insulating your attic (a major source of air leaks) doesn't have to be a big project. Start small and weatherstrip the access door or hatch.

Renter-friendly, DIY Air Leak Fixes

Seal up common drafty spots in your home with these non-permanent and lower-cost tricks:

  • Install curtains or shades
  • Caulk around frames
Exterior doors
  • Add weatherstripping inside door frames
  • Attach a bottom door seal
  • Place a draft stopper to block gaps at the threshold
Outlets and switch plates
  • Cover sockets with plastic caps 
  • Add insulation gaskets behind coverplates

Get Help from an Insulation Pro

Looking for a more permanent solution for stopping air leaks?

  • Hire a contractor to do a comprehensive energy audit of your home. They’ll give recommendations on what type of insulation (and R-value) meets your home’s needs
What’s R-value?

Like an energy efficiency rating, this number tells you how resistant the insulation material is to air transfer (hot or cold).

  • The higher the number, the more resistant it is
  • The type of product and R-value needed varies based on factors like where it’s being installed and climate

Learn More about choosing the right insulation for your home.

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