High-bay LEDs

Illuminate savings for your business.

Simply put, high-bay LEDs are the brightest, longest-lasting and most cost-effective lighting on the market. Outshining both metal halide lamps and even T5HO lighting, high-bay LEDs can last tens of thousands of hours longer and save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of each fixture. In fact, replacing just 50 400W metal halide lamps with high-bay LEDs can yield a 65% return on investment in an average warehouse scenario.


  • Far lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Lasts up to 40 times longer than conventional bulbs
  • Increased safety and productivity
  • Higher quality of light and color
  • Instant on/off capability

Which type of high-bay LEDs is right for your business?

  • Round high-bays are compact, low-profile, UFO-shaped lights designed for facilities with high ceilings.
  • Panel-style high-bays shine light over a large area, making them a smart upgrade to T5 or T8 lighting.
  • Linear aisle high-bays are angled to shine between aisles, ideal for warehouses, grocery stores and large retail stores.

High-bays can also be outfitted to work in a variety of demanding conditions, including high temperatures, food processing and explosive environments.