Demand Response

Earn financial incentives by reducing energy use on peak days.

Demand Response Incentive rewards customers who agree to reduce their electrical load during high-demand days. This is a great opportunity to use incentive payments and energy cost savings to boost profit margins, achieve sustainability goals and fund other company projects or initiatives.

To schedule a facility assessment to determine your demand reduction opportunities and incentive potential, contact your Energy Consultant, or email or call the Demand Response team at 816-398-2385.

How it works

Demand Response Incentive participants work with us to identify electrical load that can be eliminated, or “curtailed”, during critical demand periods—typically the hottest summer days. We can help you determine which demand reduction strategies work best for your unique business needs, but common ways to reduce kW usage include:

  • Shifting non-critical activities and energy usage to off-peak times
  • Reducing cooling loads by adjusting the temperature a couple of degrees
  • Shutting down equipment when not in use
  • Dimming lights where safety will not be impacted

In return, participants earn $32.50 per kW they agree to curtail, and the program also helps the larger community in several ways:

  • Delays the necessity of building more power generation plants
  • Creates savings that reduce future rate increases
  • Supports the local economy by paying companies that participate instead of purchasing power from an out-of-state producer
  • Reduces environmental impact, because the greenest kilowatt is the kilowatt never produced

Calculate your incentive

In addition to earning $32.50 per kW you agree to curtail, you also earn an additional incentive for each curtailment event. As you can see in the below example, incentives can add up quickly for your business.

Chiller shut down 1,000 kW 10 40 $32,500 $4,750 $37,250
Pumps 900 kW 10 40 $29,250 $4,275 $33,525
Dim lights 100 kW 10 40 $3,250 $475 $3,725
TOTAL 2,000 kW N/A N/A $65,000 $9,500 $74,500

Who can participate?

We are accepting new enrollments for customers in our GMO service area that can reduce their electrical load by 25 kW or more. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Earning the incentive

  • Provide a minimum seasonal reduction of 25kW
  • Commit to a contract of one year
  • Flexible incentive payout options—elect a one-time payment or staggered throughout the season

More information

Get started

Schedule a facility assessment to determine your demand reduction opportunities and incentive potential. Contact your Energy Consultant or call the Demand Response team: 816-398-2385