Green Bonds

Evergy Kansas Central expands wind portfolio through green bonds

"Green" bonds are an investment tool that tie the proceeds of a bond issue to an environmentally-friendly project. In June 2016, Evergy Kansas Central issued $350 million of green bonds. The green bond funds were used for the construction of the Western Plains Wind Farm.

Western Plains Wind Farm

In service date: Late 2016
Cost: $435 million
Location: Ford County, Kansas
Capacity: 280 MW
Generation resource: Wind Turbines

Why is Western Plains Wind Farm important?

Environmental impact

  • Carbon dioxide reduction: 1,247,239 tons/year*
  • 280 MWs of wind energy – enough to power the equivalent of 107,000 average U.S. homes for one year**
  • Sulfur dioxide reduction: 366 tons/year*
  • Nitrous oxide reduction: 618 tons/year*

*Projected emissions avoided based upon Evergy Kansas Central's fossil fuel generation fleet
**Per U.S. Energy Information Administration annual average residential electricity consumption.

Economic development

  • Expected $435 million capital investment
  • Land lease royalties paid to local land owners and payments to local and state governments expected to total $75 million during first 20 years of operation
  • Project is expected to create more than 200 construction jobs
  • Projected to create 36 permanent jobs
  • Some turbine components assembled at Siemens’ Hutchinson, Kansas facility

Management Assertion and Independent Accountants' Attestation Report

CUSIP #95709TAN0