We're committed to keeping your energy rates low

We know affordability is important to you—it’s important to us too. 

Our linemen, engineers, support staff and customer service representatives live right here in Kansas and Missouri. We're not just Evergy employees. We're Evergy customers, too.

We're proud of our community and value our Midwest cost-of-living just like you do. That's why we're committed to keeping our energy rates as low as possible. We do that by reducing our costs, investing in our local community and giving you tools and options to control your energy use.

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Passing savings on to you

Because you deserve affordable power, we’ve become even more efficient – finding savings, reducing costs and passing those savings on to you.

  • Creating a way for you to find savings outside of 4-8 pm by offering time-based rate plan options so we can pass those savings on to you
  • Using a mix of traditional and renewable fuels for the most savings
  • Delivering rates lower than neighboring states and keeping rates stable (instead of increasing them)


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Lowering your costs by cutting ours

Since becoming Evergy, we committed to fewer and smaller rate increases by reducing our costs and becoming more efficient.

  • Reducing 25% of our operational costs by 2025
  • Working more efficiently to create more savings for you
  • Reducing the base price of electricity for all of our customers
  • Delivering $100 million in merger savings to customers in bill credits over the last five years

Committed to lowering costs

Reliability and value go hand-in-hand

Even with one of the lowest costs of living in the country, people in our community need a break from rising prices. And while nearly every company you can think of is raising prices to cover their costs right now, we do things differently. We're cutting costs and working more efficiently to deliver the value you expect, because we need to provide energy you can count on while being mindful of rates for everyone in our community.

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Our role in the future of energy in the Midwest

Our community's future is bright. Its growth will be powered by passion, innovation, and an energy company that can keep up with the speed of small and large businesses. 

Evergy is ready, with forward-thinking solutions that create more power with less impact to our planet, and long-term cost savings. 

We've invested nearly $6.7 million in community support

To assist hundreds of community agencies in the areas of environmental leadership and community development and vitality, we're dedicated to investing in our communities.

We also continue to help customers who are struggling to pay bills by connecting them with nearly $42 million in utility payment assistance just last year alone. And we're continuing these efforts this year.

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Our 4,500+ Evergy linemen, engineers, technicians and support staff live and work in the same neighborhoods you do. And we're focused not just on what we power, but on who we power, right here in our community.
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Generating power that's cleaner, more affordable and more reliable than ever before—that’s our vision for a sustainable energy future. But we're also offering way for you to take advantage of cleaner, more affordable power too. 
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