Average Payment Plan

You can't always predict the highs and lows of Midwest weather, but you can average out your monthly bill.

Your energy usage varies throughout the year, creating bills that can be higher or lower than expected. But when you know what to expect on each bill, you can comfortably budget and keep your account current. It's not a discount plan — you're responsible for the energy you use — but we help you keep payments level and consistent throughout the year.

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Average Payment Plan

    How it works 

    • Your monthly budget billing amount is established using the average of your last 12 bills (or based on similar customers if you don't have 12 months of service history)
    • The average is adjusted each month to reflect actual usage
    • Your amount due may vary slightly month to month
    • For example, your January bill will be the average of your energy costs from February last year through January this year
    • The ideal time to enroll is during the winter months when bill are typically lower because it gives you time to build up a credit to offset higher summer bills
    • Participation is free

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    Additional details

    You're responsible for closing out the account and paying the difference between the actual cost of energy used and payments made if you disconnect service.

    There are many things that can affect your energy usage. Find out how to take control of high bills with energy efficiency and energy usage information.

    Looking for Budget Billing?

    You're in the right place! New name, same benefits—Average Payment Plan is the new name for what some customers will remember as Budget Billing.