Let a smart thermostat do the money-saving for you. See what no-hassle benefits you'll get below.

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How does a smart thermostat benefit you?

  • Total control, any time and any place
    No matter where you are, you can adjust the temperature, monitor your home and interact with your thermostat via your mobile phone or online account. Even if you enroll in our thermostat program to earn $25 yearly, you can always choose to opt out of any energy savings events. 
  • Noticeable money-saving
    Just by having a smart thermostat that adjusts temps when you're not around (or even by creating your own schedule) to save energy, you can easily save 10% or more a year on your energy bill. That's money you save for doing absolutely nothing different, except installing your discounted smart thermostat
  • Easy programming done your way
    Be as hands-on or hands-off as you'd like. You can let your smart thermostat learn your behaviors and program itself to be as efficient as possible. Or you can make up your own schedules to stay as warm or cool as you'd like when sleeping, getting home from work, waking up in the morning and more. 
  • Less worry
    It's easy to leave your home for the day (or even travel out of town) and forget to adjust the thermostat. Because a smart thermostat lets you access the app from your phone at anytime, you don't have to worry if you forget. You can even adjust the temperature on your way home or before guests arrive, if you're not around. 
  • Energy-use tracking
    For those who are energy-conscious, a smart thermostat gives you the ability to view monthly reports or see where you're hitting hardest on heating and cooling use. This allows you to adjust and save even more, along with develop an understanding of your energy habits, likes and dislikes. 
  • BIG discounts on your smart thermostat (along with a yearly $25 check from us)
    If you're interested in a smart thermostat but worried about the cost, we've got you covered. Enroll in our Smart Thermostat Program and get a Nest E or Ecobee3 Lite for only $50 (70% off) or a Nest Third-Generation or Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control for $100 (65% discount). We'll also send you a check for $25 every year you participate. 

Interested in a smart thermostat?

Nest E and ecobee thermostats

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Take a look at our Smart Thermostat Program to see how you can get a Nest or Ecobee for up to 70% off, along with energy-savings and a yearly $25 check from us just for participating. 
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