A stormy sky in the distance. Turn on power outage alerts

We're now offering outage alerts for you

Stay connected and informed when there's an outage with a text or email from us. It's simple! Here's how...

Turn on Alerts in Preferences Now >

For text alerts, you can text HELP at anytime for general help. And to unsubscribe, head back to preferences and toggle text or email outage alerts off. You can also toggle on bill reminders (text or email) in the same spot, using the same steps.

More helpful outage info...

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So, I got an alert. What's next?

You can use a smartphone to head to the outage map to monitor your outage and find an estimated restoration time, if it's available. We'll keep you in the loop when your power is back on too.
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How are you making my energy more reliable?

We're working toward a more sustainable, affordable and reliable energy future. And not only do we have a plan, but we've already started.
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How does outage restoration even work?

Power sometimes returns in a different order than you’d expect. We have a process in place to address critical needs first, then the largest number of customers as quickly and safely as possible. 
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What about safety during an outage?

Whether it's general severe weather safety, medical safety or even tree maintenance (proactively or after the remains of a storm), stay informed and prepared. We also offer you a program to protect yourself from surge damage and cost.
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