WAYS TO SAVE during the dog days of summer

Keep a tight leash on your energy usage with savings tips and tools.

Large home appliances can be ruff on your energy bills. Try our top 3 tips to get the most out of your cooking and cleaning essentials.

Tip #1

Is your refrigerator dog-tired?

Cleaning the coils twice a year helps it operate more efficiently. Not sure where to begin? Start with these 4 easy steps.

Dusty refrigerator coils

Tip #2 

Cur-tail cooking time in the kitchen

Ovens release heat that makes it harder to keep your home cool. Cook out on the grill, instead. And when it's too hot to be outside, cook with smaller appliances (like your microwave or slow cooker) that use less energy.

Person grilling outside

Tip #3 

Cool down your laundry routine

Washing clothes with cold water uses half as much energy. If you can, hang your clothes outside or on a drying rack to save even more.

Person doing laundry

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