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Many of our customers and communities face financial hardships in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re among them, we’re here to support you.

Additional limited-time relief options are now available to help you avoid service interruptions now that power disconnections are resuming.

Call us, and we’ll set up a plan together that works best for you:

  • One-time payment with 10% bill credit (of up to $100)
  • Four-month payment plan with up to $100 in bill credits
  • 12-month payment plan if you need more time

Which plan is right for me?

If you're able to bring your account up-to-date with a single payment, we can help you out. 

  • Receive 10% bill credit (of up to $100)
  • Pay remaining balance

Eligibility: Residential customer, more than $100 account past due. Plan covers any amount past due and your current bill.

If you need a few months to catch up, you can set up a four-month payment arrangement with up to $100 in bill credits.

  • Receive $25 credit on your first month's payment
  • Your remaining balance will be divided over the next three months
  • Receive 50% credit after you make your final payment, up to $75 (applied to your next bill)
  • Credit still applied if you pay the agreement off earlier

Eligibility: Residential customer, more than $250 account past due.

If you're facing more difficulty and need extended time, we have an option for you too.

  • 12-month payment arrangement, personal to your situation

Eligibility: Residential and small business customers, any amount past due.

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Own a nonprofit or small business? Find out what we're doing to help the community and see potential financial help options available to you.

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COVID-19 Updates

We're here for you during this time and continuing to extend late payment fees and power disconnections. Stay up-to-date with our COVID-19 response effort.
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